Ice Maker Repair

Summertime is always made more enjoyable by enjoying ice-cold drinks with friends and family. Our ice makers work overtime to ensure these moments for us. At Matthew’s Appliance Repair, we realize how frustrating it is when your ice maker starts to malfunction.

However, all you have to do is call us and we will send one of our certified technicians over to pinpoint the issue. We guarantee high-quality service at affordable prices. We have serviced every brand and model of ice maker on the market.


Common Issues That Your Ice Maker Might Face

Ice makers are pretty simple devices, so repairs are not very difficult. Though we don’t recommend that you try to repair it yourself, there are a few simple things that you can do yourself.


Machine Is Paused

This happens if the controls have been tampered with. The ice bin may also have gotten too full. This is the first thing you should check.


Control Arm

Most ice makers come with an adjustable arm. It moves as the ice bin fills and pauses the machine when the bin gets full. Check to see if the arm is in the right position before calling a professional repair service.


Temperature is Too Low

This may seem paradoxical, but if the temperature is too low, then the water freezes before it reaches the ice mold. This impairs the ice maker’s ability to make ice.


Blocked Filter

You should check your owner’s manual on this one. It will outline how often you should check the filter and clean it. The water line might also be blocked.


Malfunctioning valves

If the lines aren’t frozen or blocked, then it is usually the valve’s fault. Give us a call and leave this repair up to us.


Frozen Water Lines

If the water lines have frozen, start by turning off the water and the power. You can leave it alone to defrost on its own or you can use a hairdryer on a low setting. Make sure that it doesn’t come into contact with any water. Switch it on afterward and see what happens. Give us a call if the ice maker is still malfunctioning.


No Ice Production

In ninety percent of cases, this happens because the water line is beginning to freeze. Use the above tips to rectify this issue.



If the ice maker isn’t level, then you might start seeing leaks, especially if the unit has been recently moved. The water supply may be damaged or obstructed. In this case, leave it to us and we will take a look.


Call Us

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