Oven Repair

You don’t realize just how important your oven is until you are hours away from hosting a family dinner and the oven suddenly won’t heat.

There’s no need to panic, though. If you live in Bolingbrook, Illinois, all you have to do is contact Matthew’s Appliance Repair. We will send one of our highly qualified technicians over to your house and repair your appliance. You will only receive top quality service for an affordable price. We have experience with every brand and model of oven on the current market.


When Do You Contact Us?

You don’t want to attempt any DIY repairs on your oven. If it is something relatively simple, such as cleaning out your burner, then that’ s no problem. If one of the internal components is compromised, however, you want to leave that to the professionals.

Here are some common issues that ovens face.


Ovens Won’t Heat Up

First, check to see if the appliance is plugged in properly. The clock and digital readouts should be on if this is the case. If the power isn’t the issue, then you need to call us.


Inconsistent temperature

Everyone’s oven runs differently. Since ovens each have different hot and cold spots, you need to figure out how to tier your cookware and racks so that your food cooks properly.

However, a clear sign of malfunctioning is when the temperature remains inconsistent. The thermostat and the burner element could be the culprits and you should let us come take a look. We’ll be able to repair your oven quickly and even give you tips on how to recalibrate it, if necessary.


Door Will Not Close

If the door doesn’t even reach the halfway point of closing, then the oven is unusable. If the door closes except for a small gap, then you can use the oven in the short term. However, this can cost you energy and time. Let us come and have a look before things get too expensive. The door hinges, gaskets or springs may have worn down and need replacing. If all of those are in order, then you may need to replace the door sensor because it is not telling the oven that the door is closed.


We deal with every possible issue that an oven can face. Give us a call and we’ll offer you the highest quality service for the best deals.